Bistro Union, Clapham

Bistro Union, Clapham has a menu of well-prepared comfort foods like steak and chips, fish pie and macaroni cheese that always go down a treat, with friendly staff that will keep you coming back.Bistro fry-up

In addition to reliably delicious dinners, Bistro Union do an absolutely fabulous brunch – fry-up, pancakes, hash, crumpets – everything you could want on a relaxed Sunday morning (or, in fact, any other day of the week you’re lucky enough to have time for brunch). I’ve admittedly never strayed from the standard fry-up, I just can’t resist the crispy bacon-wrapped sausages and home-made baked beans, but friends and family tell me great things about everything else on the menu too!

They’ve also recently started a ‘Sunday supper club’ which consists of a different three-course set menu each week (£26, BYOB). Although I love the idea, I have found these meals to be a bit hit-or-miss (in particular a rice-pudding they did was so creamily sickly that none of our table finished) – but I do enjoy the opportunity to try new things, and am sure the chefs do too. It’s also worth noting that they’re very accommodating for dietary requirements despite the limited menu; two vegetarian options, including stuffed portobello mushroom, were available to replaced the roast chicken main when I went, and they even offered us an extra side of nuts to add some extra protein.

If you’re a regular, give the supper club a try, you might discover something you love; but if not, stick to the standard dinner or brunch menus, which never fail to disappoint.

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