The Glory, National Theatre River Stage

Throughout August, the National Theatre ran their ‘River Stage weekends’, hosting a series of guests from drag to modern dance. Unfortunately I was out of London for the majority of the month, but I was at least able to make the first weekend’s offering of ‘The Glory’.

The Glory

Jonny Woo and Le Gateau Chocolat were performing a mixture of live and lip-synced musical classics – Cabaret, Chicago, Grease, Les Mis – complete with glitzy costume and wig changes galore.

A particular favourite was Jonny Woo’s At the End ice cream vanof the Day, where a simple shawl was rather elaborately used to transform her into all of the necessary characters.

There was also a great selection of quick bites to grab. We’d already eaten, but the pizza van smelt delicious, and the ice cream van’s drag-themed special (right) seemed too good to miss.

I wouldn’t say that everything ran perfectly smoothly – there considerable sound and pacing issues, and Le Gateau Chocolat’s voice was undoubtedly the stronger of the pair – but I’m still pleased that I was able to make at least one of the National Theatre’s most recent contributions to the South Bank’s array of wonderful events.

Sure, the quality wasn’t the best, but A Night at the Musicals with Jonny Woo and Le Gateau Chocolat was a fun event to stumble across with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

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